Group of Indie Game Dev Amateurs
Where do new ideas come from? The answer is simple: differences. Creativity comes from unlikely combinations.

We are a small video game studio started in 2015 as a group of indie game dev amateurs. After months of experimenting with different genres and inventing new mechanics we released FastFinger Rule in 2020. It shifted us to the world of professional game development where we continue our experiments and inventions.
Our Games
Fast Finger Rule
The fastest finger in the galaxy
Mobile space multiplayer battle planet game. Challenge other players to a duel to prove you are the Fastest Finger in the galaxy. Fight for resources to upgrade your planets and unlock their unique and funny military equipment.
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Grid-based stealth hardcore game. Office worker captured by teleporting beam of UFO discovered that ship is populated by drones. Uncover principles of alien technology to leave ship.
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    • Andrei Yurevich
    • Egor Navitsky
      Art Director
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